We are a project that asks about the body: in its relationship with arts, theory, literature, politics, daily life. This question appears as a result of our age in which the body becomes a space for inquiries that could not have been thought before.

We think the dimension of the body as place of events, place of experience and of the world creation possibility.

The body as a knowledge creator.

Though that existence that is the body, we weave nets between translation- practice that links communication and language- and experience. In this translation trail we choose meeting with those who practice doing through dance, visual arts, writing, research. How does the body is in this being together? What species of encounter can we create in this inhabiting of the city?

How does we construct discursive and to be ways that does not dissociates us from the experience of/in the world that we are, from the space that we occupied where we are and the relationships we produce in them?

A body is not anything, is an specificity in transformation.